Family owned and operated since 1972


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Carlos Lamas


The story behind Carlos Mexican Restaurant and Cantina does not merely begin the year it was established in 1972. Carlos Lamas followed his dreams to California and left his home in Pacasmayo, Peru when he was in his early 20's. Not only did he find the love of his life in California, he also found his love for food. Working in Newport Beach, Carlos met his wife, Katherine and started learning more about the restaurant industry. Carlos saw owning a restaurant as an opportunity to do more than serve delicious food, but rather provide a gathering place for a community that he loves. Inspired by his wife's enthusiasm for cooking and the abundant fresh seafood in Southern California, Carlos evolved what was originally a burger stand into the thriving, genuine, sit-down mexican restaurant that it is today. Our principle with food is simple: always homemade, never canned, and recipes that were developed with you in mind. We believe the drinks should be strong, the food should be fantastic, and the company you keep should be even better!

Over the years, Carlos has let his daughter, Mercedes and her husband Neal take the reins. The couple have worked tirelessly to maintain Carlos' vision while expanding the delectable offerings. Mercedes and Neal have such profound gratitude for their loyal customers and strive to make every person feel warm and welcome. Come over and make yourself at home!